Long commutes and overcrowded gyms can sometimes be a downer for people that love working out and keeping fit. Cancel that Gym membership and start working out at home by investing in your own fitness equipment. In this blog, we offer some tips to help you achieve your own Personal Gym or Yoga studio, it does not need to cost a lot and you can invest in equipment as and when funds become available. Draw up a plan and make a list of all your needs before you get started, planning before executing your ideas will ensure you are not constantly making changes after it’s setup. Pick a spot on your garage wall and install a White Writing Board to get your planning started, when you are done with your gym setup, the white board will work great for you to list your weekly fitness goals.

When converting a garage into a gym, storage and organization is crucial to make full use of your floor space. Always keep your floor space uncluttered, use both walls and your ceiling to store dumbbells, yoga mats and any other fitness equipment you use. Installing cabinets, Shelving, Over Head Racks, and hooks on your walls can help you achieve this. When getting equipment, focus on getting things you use and think about your space before you buy something, make sure you have equipment for both cardio and weight training or cross fit if this is how you work out.

Your typical garage door flooring is not ideal when it comes to working out and can get extremely uncomfortable and painful on your muscles and joints if you tried to work out on a concrete floor. Cost effective and reliable options are carpet tiles for example, this can be easily moved and placed onto your storage options when the garage needs to be used to park your car again. Rubber Floor tiles are also another great option that can stay on the floor and you can park your car on these mats, consider getting a professional to install them for you so that it does not move each time you park the car.

You must make the space comfortable and visually appealing, or, just like Gym, you might lose interest and focus every time you need to work out, think about what you love at Gym and why you love going to Gym, we are all different, your space should reflect you and what you love. There is many factors and things to consider when setting up your space, adding comforts you love at Gym and that’s specific to you and the way you work out is what is needed. If you live in a hot or cold environment, consider installing an air conditioner or investing in a portable one, this will help you keep cool on those hot days and will allow you to make use of the heating functionalities on those cold days. Installing a Smart TV that has WIFI capabilities might also need be a good thing if you like listening to music, or want to make use of an online personal trainer, you can also access thousands of videos on YouTube for exercise routines or Yoga work outs.

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