It’s always a good thing to be prepared, installing a garage door key release will ensure you always have manual access to your garage if you dont have other ways of getting in other than through the garage door.

If you look at the top panel of our garage door installation, you will see how the key release sits on the exterior of the garage door. A Garage with no alternate access requires a key release switch in case of power failures, or the failure of the garage door motor. 

The key release is usually fitted above eye level in the middle on the top panel of a garage door, the cable is attached to the back of the key release lock on one end and to the extrusion traveller on the garage door motor. When you need to open the door manually in case of an emergency, you just insert and turn the key which pulls the lock out, this pulls on the cable to disengage the garage door motor which in turn opens up the garage door manually. 

Nu-Ray Doors supplies and installs the key release for most types of sectional garage door motors. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. 

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