Looking to update instead of replacing your existing garage door? Adding Decorative Door Hardware to your existing Garage Door is a great, cost effective way to dress it up and add more appeal to your existing door without breaking the bank. It’s an easy DIY Makeover.

It’s simple to add decorative hardware to your garage door and at the same time, very easy to overdo it in a way that does not create a good look and curb appeal.

When deciding on how to accessorize your garage door, features like style, design and colour all play a key part in choosing the right decorative hardware to go with your door. If you have a block or slatted design door, check which components will work best so that you don’t make a mistake of overlapping on panels where it could look untidy and out of place.

You can keep it neat with a less is more approach, carefully selecting what you require and adding items you love that ties into what you are trying to visually achieve.

For those that like to go crazy, there are many designs to choose from where the door will still look great, it’s all down to personal choice, however, if you are looking to sell your home and you are using this method as a way to spruce up your existing garage door before selling, then going for a less is more approach could be a better option as this might be what a buyer would prefer.

Our Door Decor Hardware is suitable for all types of installations including wood, steel, concrete and aluminium and can be used on Front Doors, Sliding Barn Doors, Wooden Furniture, Interior Doors. You can basically add this to most surfaces.

Nu-Ray Doors supplies and offers installation on decorative door hardware, we offer them in many designs, styles and colours, our customers can also choose a door to door courier option where we supply you with the hardware you require and a DIY installation guide to help you get going.

Visit us in our showroom to see how we have done our decorative door decor to help you draw some inspiration, our customers can choose from a variety of options and at the same time get a look and feel of the product.

Click here for our decorative door hardware products, contact us for more information.

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